Texas Hippie Coalition

Backyard barbeques, barroom brawls, tent revivals, and big rock festivals alike are suitable environments for the Red Dirt Metal of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, a band with a sound so devilishly electrifying that they had to come up with a new genre to describe it.

BIG DAD RITCH captains this pirate ship of bikers, outlaws, troubadours, and hellraisers, welcoming all comers to the THC party with gregarious charisma and Southern charm. Across a half dozen albums, countless club gigs, and show stealing performances at Rockstar Mayhem, THC has spread the good word of big riffs, big hooks, and wild times.

The new album by TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION looks to be another hard hitting album of great songs from beginning to end. 

Kicking off with "Hell Hounds" right out the gate THC proves this dog hunts. Others like "I come from the Dirt" & "Keep my name out your mouth" are straight up punches to the face. While "I Teach Angels how to Fly" & the title track the "Name Lives On" prove that there are many complex layers to this bands keep it rockin theory of music. While also adding everlasting songs like "Built for the Road" & the sure to be a sports anthem "BELIEVE" let you know immediately that the name THC will live on. Many often compare this band to many of the great southern rock & TEXAS bands that came before them, but they are proving to the world that THC is not just following in the footsteps, they are leaving giant footprints. Not only etching out a place for them in multi genre fields of music. They are creating there own genre.

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July 17, 2024 18:00 pm (Doors: 18:00 pm )

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