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Water is the third album of American rock band Saigon Kick, released near the end of 1993 on Third Stone/Atlantic Recordsand was the follow up to their Gold certified selling album 'The Lizard''Water' included the singles 'One Step Closer''I Love You' and the shimmering cover of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. The album later gained cult status among fans worldwide, especially in Indonesia, where the band was considered "bigger than The Beatles". 
  Music purists, crate diggers, and especially fellow top album charting musicians have pointed to 'Water' as a diverse and influential favorite. Saigon Kick's aquatic titled third album has recently been re-released on vinyl via Real Gone Music for the first time and is currently a highly sought after album by collectors. 
  The #H20Three0h tour will feature all original members from the album's initial release including bassist Chris McLernon, drummer/actor/author Phil Varone and singer/guitarist Jason Bieler, who also helmed the producer's chair on both 'The Lizard' and 'Water' albums respectively among others in their catalog. 
   Saigon Kick will also touch on singles, highlights and live staples from their catalog including hits: 'What You Say', 'Colors' and 'Come take me now' from their self-titled debut album, 'Russian Girl' and 'Eden' from their fourth release 'Devil in the Details' 
as well as fan favorites 'Hostile Youth', 'God of 42nd Street', 'The Lizard' 'World goes Round' and hit singles 'All I Want' and the top Billboard charting power ballad 'Love is on the Way' all from their sophomore release 'The Lizard' (setlists subject to change).

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