Bobcat Goldthwait

Don’t miss Award Winning Comedian, Actor, and Director Bobcat Goldthwait!

Goldthwait is no stranger to entertainment and is one of the most recognizable comedians in show business today. Bobcat’s stand up features hilarious riffs on politics, divorce, going broke, and his career as a writer and director of film. His show is a wild ride of fun finding the funny no matter what the situation.

Goldthwait’s inimitable talent for writing and directing is clearly displayed in his newest movie God Bless America. Esquire Magazine even honored his imaginative eye behind the camera by naming Bobcat Director of the Year. Bobcat continues to be a creative force having recently directed CommunityMaronCall Me LuckyPatton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, and TruTV's series Those Who Can'tfeaturing Denver's very own The Grawlix! Also see Bobcat on FOX’s animated series Bob’s Burgers and in the documentary The Comedy Club.
Since his first appearance on David Letterman at the age of 20, Bobcat has appeared on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe Demetri Martin ShowThe Chappelle ShowThe Man Show, and Crank Yankers. Best known for his unforgettable movies, Bobcat has also starred in several HBO specials and a slew of TV appearances. He continues to push the envelope with his unique brand of humor headlining major comedy clubs across the country.

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